A Summary of Travel

My two weeks in Australia went far too quickly. I caught the travel bug, and all I want to do is hop back on a plane and see the world. It's a great big, beautiful place.

Below, a selection of photos from the sky, Sydney, and the Great Barrier Reef.

In the midst of preparing for the opening of Constellations, my debut show with the Friends of Leon Gallery in Surry Hills, I also got to do a bit of running around, see the city, and fantasize about a life of travel. According to Leon, the gallery's owner and namesake, the show was a great success. Among attendants and buyers were some Australian Olympians, past and present, apparently an Australian pop star who scrurried off before I could meet him, and a plethora of amazing supportive, interesting, inspiring new faces. including some fellow Depthcore members. I was also lucky enough to meet the local Sydney star, miss Nanami Cowdroy...Nanami is a gallery veteran many times over and served as an all around co-pilot, travel guide, friend, and supplier of Twix in times of hunger emergencies.

And finally a huge thanks to John—my travel partner, muse, tireless supporter, and endless source of laughs. John banked countless hours sitting on the gallery floor with Fergus the gallery doggie while I stressed over the window mural, signed and doodled on the backs of the 100+ prints, and hung around the gallery to talk shop. I guess it's no secret by now that John was also in the show. He is one of the few male portraits I have ever drawn, and was the only male in a show of all female portaits and animals. Thank you, John. 143.


This trip punctuates the most amazing experience of my life thus far. I can only hope it's only the beginning. Additional updates to come.

· To purchase remaining pieces of the show contact Leon Krasenstein at leon@friendsofleon.com

· To see a list of available pieces, see full list here.


Sara Blake [Hello ZSO]
New York, NY