Two Upcoming Group Shows

Long time, no website post. Lately I’ve found all forms of social media provoke my existential death anxiety, so for now I’m keeping it old school. Excited to be back on the Internetz proper. So 2007. Much retro. If I could play Interpol’s Our Love to Admire while you scrolled, I would.

Anyway, announcing two upcoming group shows!

I’ll have a piece up at my Fillin family’s HQ for their 24 x 24 group show in the company of some amazing artists. I’m very excited to take part and extremely grateful to Jackie, Tommy, and Elise for inviting me and helping get my piece situated. I have mixed feelings about my piece, but I’ll post more on it once the show goes up. A portion of my sale will go toward the National Alliance on Mental Illness. 1 in 5 Americans is living with a mental illness or condition—depression, anxiety, eating disorders, autism, ADHD, OCD, PTSD, to only name a few. This means us, our friends, and our families. Come through and see some art!

77 Bleecker Street. C2-08


Friday, September 27, 2019, 5-8PM

Up through the weekend

September 28 & 29 12PM - 5PM

invitation option 5-15.jpg

Show two is the same weekend at my friend Vinny’s boxing gym, CKO in Chelsea (all details in the flyer below). All pieces in the show are about something relating to 1) NYC and 2) boxing / martial arts. I’m not the most knowledgable about the latter, so I used the theme as an opportunity to draw some portraits. (I love drawing portraits!) Come through to see four NYC boxing icons and purchase one for yourself. I’ll post more after the show goes up as well.