Unexpected Projects

I had the honor of an unexpected meeting with Xavier Portela during my visit to Amsterdam last month. He emailed me just before my arrival asking if we might shoot some portraits together. It's a little intimidating meeting a total stranger for something like this, but having checked out Xavier's work online beforehand I had a really good feeling about it and decided to take a chance. By the time I got to Amsterdam though I was already 3 levels of jetlagged after being in Tokyo 4 days before then back to New York for long enough to say hi to my cat, and the back in a plane again. I was a little out of sorts and just ready to curl up into a cocoon for a few weeks, but I knew I might be kicking myself later if I didn't see what Xavier was all about. At the last minute we pulled the pieces together and sure enough Xavier was absolutely lovely in person and put me at ease immediately. He created a portrait story of our morning chatting over coffee in the gorgeous Hotel Estherea about about making time for your work and personal passions. See the rest and read Xavier's writeup here. Also, see Xavier Portela on Facebook.