Skillshare: Learn with ZSO

Hello, hi, howdy! My class has been up on Skillshare for a while now, but I've been so discombobulated keeping up with everything lately that I've done a splendidly terrible job of promoting it as well as providing feedback. Well friends, that's about to change. So several months late, here's the promo video about what we'll be learning. I can't thank Zachary Leighton enough for coming to my studio and helping me film the lesson plan. I HATE watching myself on camera and there is no way I could have put this class together without his help :) Thank you sir!

In this class we'll go through choosing your subject matter and sketching it out, then choosing your most successful direction to pursue for your final drawing, painting, etc, and then we also cover some specific techniques I use in Photoshop to edit your hand made work digitally. The full class guide with all 3 sections is over 30 pages of reference and reading and you also get a download of my source file of the goofy bad I made to demonstrate the lesson. For 20% off class enrollment, use discount code ZSORIFIC and sign up here.