Me As One of My Girls by Ramón Escolá

Back in March Ramón Escolá and I met at OFFF Cincinnati—we got along immediately. I was instantly a fan of his work and general awesome energy. Ramón is a designer, director, typographer, photographer, and all around cool-shit-maker-person. Today I got an amazing surprise in my inbox, and I'm still wearing a smile that's so big it probably reaches Ramón's studio in Barcelona.

In Ramón's words: "While I was listening to your conference in Cincinnati, you showed the DesignCollector project where you took 2 photos and made your own illustrated interpretation about them.

Then you also showed your '100 girls' personal project and talked about the fact that you liked to exaggerate the facial features…

I just thought it could be super funny to try doing the opposite process… what would it happen if you could create a 'real' girl from one of your drawings?

I wanted to make a photo portrait from were you could hypothetically have done one of your 100 girls as a realistic illustration. And then I also thought that could be even more funny if I used your own portrait as a base. Like this I could ''transform" you into one of your drawings!"

So without any further ado, here I am as one of my girls. So creepy awesome! Original unedited Ryan Essmaker (which I of course then edited to black and white, sorry Ryan)—and lastly, my pink hair girl illustration that Ramón used as reference below.