The Great Discontent

Today the wonderful Tina Essmaker and Ryan Essmaker, the power couple behind The Great Discontent have released an interview with me on their site here. It's an incredible honor for me as I've been a huge fan of their site for a long time. It's an honor to be included among those other names up there. I'm also pretty amped on the enormous 3D header image they used for the first time for my article.

I think the best part of how TGD operates—their bold, beautiful, simple design aside—actually all happens behind the scenes. They do all their interviews in person, spend time getting to know their artists, and it feels much more like hanging out. Tina, Ryan, and I enjoyed some Murray's cheese and beers in my studio and just caught up about life in Manhattan, juggling our day jobs, and striking that magical personal-work-creative balance. I felt utterly comfortable. Despite his insanely busy schedule, Ryan then came back again to my mini live-work studio to shoot photos for the interview right before trying to jet off to LA for a work trip. These 2 are superstars... I'd really keep an eye out for them and their projects to come...!

Here are a few of the other photos Ryan snapped on his visit.