Design Observer / Debbie Millman Interview

The wonderful and charismatic miss Debbie Millman gave me the great honor of interviewing me at CAC the other week when I was there setting up for the OFFF On! exhibit. You can listen to it here, or check it out on Design Observer's main site.

Also check out Debbie's great coverage of the exhibition: In Design Observer's words, "

In this special Design Matters video episode, Debbie Millman gives you on a preview the new exhibit ON! at the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati. ON! is an interactive experience — the viewer is also a player, tinkerer, maker and collaborator. This exhibit features some of the world's brightest minds exploring design and technology who use code and circuitry as adeptly as paper, ink and canvas. The artists personify the new reality of creative production today: genre-bending ingenuity at its most fun."

Still can't get over how floored I am to be among this inspiring company. Continue to feel so amazed. motivated, and awe-struck.