Zupi & Tally Ho!

I got some presents in the mail recently from 2 awesome magazines that featured some of my art. First is from Brazilian magazine Zupi which printed one of my skull drawings. Really enjoyed flipping through this one. This is the kind of magazine I love—just full pages of art, small labels, and short and sweet interviews that I can't read anyway because they are in Portuguese. :)


The next is from a magazine run and designed by my friend Phil Knott. Phil is , of those one in a million personalities and I'm so proud of how much he killed it with the creation of the 3rd issue of Tally Ho! magazine. It's the best to date. I've known Phil for almost 4 years now and we talked about Tally Ho! in our very first meeting together in that weird bar called Burp Castle in the East Village. It's sort of neat that 4 years later he chose to feature something so old of mine: a girl portrait about 6 or 7 years old created in the first 6 months of my really figuring out how the heck I wanted to make things and had 0 clients or jobs. Thank you Phil, and huge congratulations!