I've officially entered a semi-manic state of only having enough time and energy to worry about things a week away...and no more. 2013 has been off to a f*cking amazing start with my new studio finally (almost) done and some really great projects, shows, and travel lined up. The only problem is I'm not sure how I'm going to sleep. If you are in Cincinnati, come hang out with me and some friends presenting at the Cincinnati Museum of Contemporary Arts for OFFF on Tour in conjunction with AIGA. I'm pretty excited I'll also be able to say I've had a piece in a real museum—my buddy Joshua Davis will be doing a live interactive art installation at CAC, and I'll have a piece that you can "take apart and put back together again." Stay tuned... opening on Saturday March 9. Then I'm zipping straight off to Austin to take part in the SXSW Cut & Paste live art show and design battle on March 10. Come say howdy! My partner will be my friend and fellow &Reach and Depthcore family member Justin Maller. We'll be facing off against SuperDeux and Demo. I have a feeling it will be more fun and joking around than a battle though... Also, if you happen to be in Toronto April 21-23 come hang out at the FITC Toronto event where I'll also be presenting. Pretty excited to meet some new faces—see some new places...!


Work aside... I did however take a little vacation for a couple days to LA. "Vacation" really meant getting in some much needed long runs and hanging out with awesome dudes in spandex. (I was tagging along for a training trip with my fella's team SixCycle who was out getting in some miles and hills in the warm Cali weather before race season officially starts.) I've never counted myself much of a Cali girl, but Venice Beach certainly kicked some ass. See you again soon LA... next time with my bike...