Friend Portraits: Chuck Anderson

Let the awkwardness continue! 

Chuck and I actually didn't meet in person until, hey, just now in Brighton! Chuck lives in Grand Rapids. I live in New York City. But the Reasons to be Creative Festival we're both speaking at this week finally gave us an excuse to actually hang out instead of just share internet cats. We've been internet fwends for I guess a couple years, which is probably pretty weird. We have enough mutual real life friends though, I suppose, I've indeed felt like known Chuck for real for some time. We also as work through the same business management office. Awesome to hang at the end of the table with you and Holly and thanks for being such a trooper. 

Chuck's was the first portrait I sort of went wild on with color. I think it was for 2 reasons: 1) Chuck's bright work was an inspiration and 2) this is was my 4th completed portrait after just getting into the swing of trying to draw real people, and I think I started to feel a little more freedom to loosen up. Maybe a little too loose, I can't tell yet. I haven't had enough distance from it yet.

I think it all ended up coming full circle when I gave Chuck and Holly their print in our weird hotel with a distinctly pink ambient light. 'Twas meant to be?