UK Pt. 2: London

From Brighton I headed on over to London for a few days of playing tourist.

I started my stay there being entertained by Miss Pomme Chan and Daniel Diggle, two illustration heroes of mine. It was also my first fish in chips experience, done right in Shoreditch at a delicious place called Albion.

In two and a half days I managed to fit in a good balance of being with friends and exploring alone. It ended up being perfect, although I could really use another week to really figure out all my favorite nooks and crannies. Next time. Some highlights: Soho, Picadilly Circus, The London Eye, Westminster, Big Ben, The Tate, The Globe Theater, Tower Bridge, The Strongroom for a quick flat white, St. Paul's, Brick Lane, taking myself on a movie date at The Aubin Cinema, mastering the tube, and exploring Shoreditch. The following are just some travel photos for my own self indulgence and amusement. A special thanks Craig Burton for showing me around his stomping ground and being a tourist in his own city. He's the fella with tattoos always weilding a camera (makes sense seeing as he's a very talented photographer). I also appreciated him riding The London Eye with me, especially considering he's terrified of heights. Maybe that's why we drank beers for the following 4 hours on a boat on the Thames... numb the fear!