Friend Portraits: Joshua Davis

Here's my friend Josh. He's is a handsome devil and he makes rather awesome things. Josh is of course mostly known for his generative art and work over the years in Flash—but you can literally give this man any medium and he can rock the shit out of it... I've seen his flat file... it's kind of not fair. Josh has been an incredible mentor to me over the past two years. He's given me confidence, pep talks, career advice and also just the occasional shoulder to vent upon. Josh is a larger than life sort of character, both in terms of his accomplishments as well as personality—so it's always felt like a great honor to also consider him a friend. Josh, thanks for being such an inspriration to me (and a bajillion other people). You make me want to work harder, better, faster, stronger.

I scan and build at double resolution so the prints end up being larger than the originals. I dig 17" x 22" prints. Below is the original and finished print next to one another.

Here's Josh is being tough by his ridiculously awesome bike before we relocated to the LES for coffee (more coffee, just what we both need at 8PM). I knew there was a reason why I threw red in his portrait. I couldn't figure it out until now...