A little bit of life in phone pictures (y'know, because we have the damn things with us all the time...) Feeling very thankful for all my experiences so far this year. Been a very intense year of amazing change. And 2012 is far from over. 

Just some flicks from the ol' iPhone in a multitude of states, cities, bars, bathrooms, airports and moods. Only the ones I haven't posted on here already. (And some notes, just so I don't forget):

Dusk runs, strange gas station bathrooms, Delaware River swims, many tattoo appointments, country houses with new and old friends, roadtrips, too much coffee, lap cat, salon dinners, eastern healing, sobriety, new home on dream street, friend portraits, alone time, girl time, reading in bed, friends' shows on both sides of the river, homemade biscuits, late night bridge walks, too much ice cream, The Antlers on repeat, clues from the stars, finally catching up on sleep, the neverending summer cold, some looking forward, less looking back, but trying to just live in the present.

"If I seem much different / More removed / If I seem distracted / It's not from you.

If I'm really here now / In a place and time / Does someone look just like me on the other side?

If you receive a letter in two-thousand twelve / It could be the last letter you could send to yourself."

- Endless Ladder, by The Antlers (Undersea)