DACS 2012

One of my favorite charity projects who I've been working with for something like 3 years now asked me to be involved in their latest project "Biographe" creating some art that could be both worn on apparel as well as be part of a group benefit art and fashion show here in NYC in late October (details to follow). The show will be called "Reclaim," and I'll be making another post closer to with more details about the fashion side of it. But here's the overview: DACS United is Designers Against Child Slavery and as the name implies helps raise both money and awareness to rise up against child sex trafficking. Recently DACS has partnered with The Blind Project, a Brooklyn based organization that has created a sustainable business model in Bangkok to employ former victims of trafficking. The art for this project was to be inspired by particular story of a women currently working in this fair trade company in Bangkok. The art generated for this project will be screenprinted by these same women as "Biographe's" first line of clothing. 

Over the years a number of awesome artists have been involved in some of DACS exhibitions (Grzegorz Domaradzki, Krzysztop DomardzkiOh Yeah Studio, Niklas Lundberg, Raphael Vincenzi) and I really hope DACS continues to help rally creatives—there is power in numbers. 

I chose to work abstractly and with organic shapes and keep it feminine—it's is all about the women. Pencil, watercolor, digital—original is 19" x 24". I made 6 versions total—a few are below as well as a mirroring experiment.