Studio Visit, Thank you Squarespace

Apologies in advance for this long photo post, I'm just so gosh-darn excited someone made professional photos of my workspace, especially right before I move this winter! Story at the bottom. Huge thanks to Squarespace, Collin Hughes, Seine Kim, and Stephen Parker.


I've been such a huge fan of Squarespace since the launch of my site almost 4 years ago. Many many moons ago I did the whole learn html/CSS/php thing and I just found that I was always just getting just a cursory knowledge of a world I could never keep up with. What I really wanted to do was draw. That's when I decided to leave it to the pros and discovered Squarespace through some sort of social media which I can't recall now. Within a matter of hours I had a fully designed live site and a blog, and I've more or less kept the same layout for years. The only way I know how to A) finish anything and B) share anything is to throw it up here on the internetz. The act of easily self-publishing through an incredibly intuitive CMS is so liberating, and lets me focus on things I'm better at and more interested in. I can also confidently say that there is no better customer service that exists for this type of product.

Squarespace has featured my site in their portfolio example section for a few years now, but just a few weeks ago they got in contact to let me know they are launching a brand new amazing version of Squarespace with some awesome features I've been secretly hoping would get integrated for a while. Elation! And not only that, they asked if they could feature some of my work and visit my studio to get to know some of their Squarespace users. Duh! Of course! I'm a superfan. (A couple other folks they featured: Dana Tanamachi and Parts and Labor Design)

For the past 10 years I've had live/work situations in various spaces in Manhattan. I've been in this one coming up on 4 years now. It's very small and cozy, but it's all mine, and I won't lie—I kind of love it. The amazingly talented Collin Hughes shot the following photos of my studio space, and Squarespace was kind enough to share them with me.