ALO Exposed

The wonderfully wonderful folks at Agency Magma just launched ALOtones and asked me to take part in their experiment. They described the project much better than I could, so here's what happened, in their words:

New York artist/ZSO, Sara Blake only had two hours to create improvisational art from what she felt.

The back story: First, we commissioned musician, Mikronesia, to find the music inside each of our ALO Original drink flavors. The concept of incorporating original music, crafted as an ingredient, was born. Then, we got excited. So, we asked Sara and fellow NYC artist Peter Hamlin to undergo a new drinking experiment.  Testing

Formula: Artist in an empty room + ALO Drink Flavor + The music made for each flavor = X

The Lab Setup: We built a 360-degree surround-sound lab, setup a large blank canvas, then asked Sara to sip, listen, and create what she felt while experiencing our flagship flavor—ALO Exposed (Ingredients: Aloe Vera + Honey + NewLeaf ALOtone.mp3). 120 minutes later. The idea, and results, became history. 

The Video: For this experiment, we created a music video for 'New Leaf', our first single off of our recent album release, ALOtones—a compilation album comprised of the music inside every ALO Original Drink. ALOtones, the album and all ALOtones singles are available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and most online music stores. From

ALOtones Musician/Composer MIKRONESIA: "...The first composition I worked on in this project was "Exposed". I knew I needed to sonically capture this beautiful image of the sound of a million raindrops. The opening cascade of bells and electronically-treated glockenspiel raining down on your ears was the result. The experience of drinking "Exposed" was so serene and peaceful, yet somehow exotic. Before this process of creating the ALOtones music, I probably had drank Alo Vera juice five times in my life. I never experienced a beverage like this with so much texture and richness. The second section of the song has simple melody on the piano mixed with introspective synthesizer sounds that offers the listener this glimpse of being overwhelmed with texture and raw experience."

[A very special thanks to Michael Ferrare, Lisa Armand, Will Thomsen, Brandon Brink, and Kara Packouz.]