Run Your Jewels

My buddies at Depthcore invited me to contribute to an awesome little project called Run Your Jewels. Every few weeks a new artist who works digitally provides his or her source files for you to download, play with, and REMIX! Then you guys compete against one another to make the best one—the winner gets some signed art by the original artist. The previous 2 artist where Justin Maller and Hyrdo 74

My file is comprised of 6 different assets for you to work with: the ram skull, 3 butterfly wings (in the "Assets" folder in the source file), and 2 more abstract plant-like shapes. You can also easily make more assets by cutting up the existing ones yourself, or of course you can just make your own awesome bits. (The ram horns would be an easy thing to chop off and rotate. They've already been sectioned off for easy slicing and dicing.) You can get the source file and all the details from the main Run Your Jewels site where the contest is all taking place. The file for download is just at screen res for desktops, etc, but the original was built 17"x22", 300dpi for prints if anyone is interested later.

I'm pretty much 100% certain you guys are going to remix amazing stuff I never could have dreamed. I'm also pretty much 100% certain you guys will make it way better. I honestly wish I had more time to work on my version, so I feel good about passing the baton. I can't wait to see your results. And lastly, just a reminder: All the art contributed on RYJ is for the purposes of this project. You may not use these files or any derivatives of it for your own work, however you are most certainly welcome to put your remixes on your portfolio sites as long as you link back to and credit Run Your Jewels and the contributing artists. If you have any questions, consult this page or email

Per usual, the medium is pencil, watercolor, and digital. Drawing time was approximately 7 hours for all assets and Photoshop time was just under 2 hours

Below is a time lapse video screencapture of something like an 95 minutes of Photoshopping for your reference. Music is "Spirit Fingers" by Four Tet.

Below, see selected Assets folder. This is where you will find the whole batch of mini illustrations if you'd like to use more than what is visible.