Las Vegas, Yosemite, SF in 88 Hours

This weekend I took a trip. A warp speed trip.

I saw a lot of unbelievable things. I took pictures of only a handful of them.

Here are some moments in no particular order: hummingbird close encounter, baby bear spotting, marmot familes, 4000 year old bristlecone pine trees, sunsets, wild horse, ghost towns, smoked meat shop with elk and buffalo jerky, desert storm, rare rain in Las Vegas, Pinball Hall of Fame, lightning storm over Mt. Whitney, Milky Way, shooting star, orbiting satellites, flat tire, benevolent campers, peaking at 13,100 ft, gas station brothels, record speed failed roulette, pocket amigo, road trip music and conversation, 12 mile hike, dehyration-hydration-dehydration, dirt roads, old friends, red eye, Empire State on Monday morning with black coffee in hand.

Getting away feels good. There's also something to be said for getting home.

[The photos however, are in order]