A Mixed Bag

Hello friends. Here's an assortment of announcements and miscellany.

Daisy & Elizabeth + ZSO

Here's a little teaser of some work I've been doing in collaboration with Daisy & Elizabeth for their Spring 2013 collection. This is a video screencapture timelapse of a portion of the color process in Photoshop after I've already scanned the drawing in about 6 sections and Photoshopped it together like a puzzle. You can actually see in the video where some of the line art does not connect perfectly due to buckling of the paper from the watercolor. This is how I color every piece—I love the freedom it allows in terms of trying out colors on the fly. Below are a few color versions of the piece as well. It's on the larger side, which is why the saving takes so long at 300dpi: 48" x 48", pencil, watercolor, and digital. Music is by Actress - "Shadow From Tartarus"

Daily Drawing Quickies

Life has been interesting lately. Good, very, very good, but interesting—and fun-drawing-time has been difficult to conjure—I've been feeling out of practice and frustrated... So I've decided to start a new exercise: one drawing a day from now on, however simple or complex, small or large, successful or completely failing—it doesn't matter as long as it just gets done. Today I drew a butterfly. Admittedly, I wasn't happy with it (file in "fail" drawer perhaps) but not the point. What's important is that I am very happy with the prospect of this new exercise. I'm excited to see how it goes and if my drawing will improve. I thought by posting them on my blog it would help give me some bravery and also to assist me in practicig what I preach about learning from mistakes. 

Mandatory Cat Pictures

Reasons to Be Creative, Brighton 2012 (formerly Flash on the Beach) 

I'll be presenting at Reasons to Be Creative in Brighton this September. I'm SO amped to meet everybody. I'll be presenting an updated version "The Art of F*ckig Up" talk based on the new things I've learned in the past year since giving it in Auckland at We Can Create. Here's what you'll be hearing about in blurb-form:

Everything I've learned that feels worth while has been through the exercise mistake-making—of trial and error, more often error. And most adventures and experiences that have felt as though they contain those sublime kernels of meaning have been through venturing into a space where failure is not only a possibility, but a probability. 

I'm a self-taught illustrator. I discovered very quickly that I'd given myself a complex that I wasn't doing it "the right way" and that some day someone was going to catch me. Furthermore, I've always struggled with the feeling of being "good enough"—both completely useless terms, if you ask me. I've struggled all my life with sitting with the feeling of vulnerability. It's frustrating, it's terrifying, and it's liberating if you let it. If I'm an expert on anything, it's fucking up (I say that with only a smirking tinge of self-deprecation). I'd like to share the stories behind my work process and explain why I believe the beauty lies in the f*ck ups, the blemishes, the incongruous, and the honesty—in our work, in our personal lives, and in our ability to be creative with others.

OFFF Barcelona 2013

It's a year away, but get your tickets now! I've been wanting to be a guest at OFFF for years. Turns out I'll be speaking instead. What!

Some of my talented friends have spoken there in the past, for instance the always charming Joshua Davis and the dashing Justin Maller and Depthcore crew. I can't wait to meet miss Jessica Walsh of Sagemeister & Walsh who is also speaking next year. I cannot conceal my design crush on her.