Some Fun Things

My buddy Josh Davis was so kind as to invite a couple of us out to LI to his beautiful home to celebrate his birthday a wee bit early (it's Wednesday FYI if you'd like to wish him a happy happy). To my glee, I got to meet Jon Burgerman and You Jung Buyn, both incredibly talented illustrators/artists and just all-around charming folks. It's really just the coolest when I meet talented, very accomplised, and perhaps otherwise intimidating people and they turn out to be completely down to earth. If you are in NYC this week you should also be sure to make it to the SVA Theater for Reason to Be Creative to hear Jon speak. He's a witty Brit. You won't be disappointed. His talk is called "How I’m trying to ruin my career/life and re-invigorate my career/life all at the same time, whilst not trying to worry (too much) about the consequences."

Josh impressed us with his skateboarding skills (and new mohawk) despite the ominous chalk man below. Jon blew all our minds with his incredible ability to compose on the fly. I had done a live drawing for a job only a day earlier and personally I find live-drawing to be the hardest type of work. It's at an unnatural scale, there are eyes on you as you work, and typically—at least for me—it requires me working in mediums I'm not entirely comfortable with. Watching Jon work was incredibly inspirational. He's the real deal. I may or may not have asked him for some tips... I'm also going to be sketching quite a bit more this summer to strengthen those chops.

And we acquired some masks to freak people out on the ride home...

Aforementioned live-drawing job: On Saturday I collaborated with the unbelievably sweet, creative, hard-working, accomodating folks at Agency Magna on a live-drawing for an upcoming project of theirs. Live-drawing strikes fear into my bosom, which is exactly why I think it was a great experience for me. Project updates are forthcoming, and below a sneak peak at the set.

And last but not least, I got to hang out with my IBM folks for the past few weeks. I usually don't post stuff about this, but I've been on my IBM team about a year and a half—and I must say, it has very much become like a family. IBM just opened the IBM Design Labs at 590 Madison, and to christen the space all of our team members co-located for 2 weeks when normally we'd all be working remotely from all over the country and the globe. Thank you to Sarah Katzenmaier for the great photo documentation.