AsAm Genesis & A New Moon for Hope

A very dear friend of mine, miss Donia Khalifa, who I met almost 10 years back at NYU got in contact with me several months ago to help her out with some illustrations and branding for her new business: Astrological Amaranth, a boutique astrology company. Admittedly, at first I was skeptical... I'm a Libra, very rational and thinking, but paired with an extremely heated emotional side. But astrology? I needed proof. And proof she gave. By the end of the request I was absolutely floored. After not speaking for years, Donia had recalled every single person in my family's birthdays (I can barely remember them all myself), every single ex's birthday dating back to high school, and she also recounted my personal current events of which she would otherwise have no knowledge since we'd drifted somewhat. I was a believer immediately. Since November Donia has been advising me through one of the most difficult stretches I've ever seen, telling me about myself, those in my life, bringing levity, growth and hope. My perspective feels wider and I could not recommend Donia both as a person and as an astologer any more highly. I am the biggest skeptic I know, and she won me over—hook, line and sinker. I'll continue to post more information about AsAm as it gets developed and launches officially in the summer. In the meantime, here are some explorations using a logotype I created and a preliminary amaranth illustration. 

I met some amazing individuals over the past month who have continued to expand my understanding of my own personal struggles and growth (or attempt at it at least—let's not be haughty!). One of them told me about how on a new moon she had written she and her partners' hopes, dreams, and desires on a piece of paper. Together they literally planted them in the soil as one would sow seeds by the lunar phases for a new harvest. The results, she said were profound—that if we are just willing to send our energy out and sow our dreams into the soil of our own existence, it's amazing what energies and dimensions beyond our physical perception can reap. I'm at the base of a wide branching tree. It's a straight climb up, but once I reach the first sturdy boughs, there are many paths, many trajectories. They are not right or wrong, just varying, winding in their own natural architecture. It couldn't hurt to write my own, no? Would I be too proud, too egotistical to think that I knew how the world worked? Would I tell myself that putting paper in the dirt and hoping for action was ludicrous, or could I accept possibilities beyond my own perception, even if it meant feeling quite silly for a few moments. I don't believe in god or prayers, but I believe in energy. It is real and measureable and scientific. And furthermore, I believe in my own energy. I've seen it falter but I've also seen it soar. And so I wrote my manifesto of hope to myself, wound it up, and put it in the earth.