Joshua Davis x ZSO

For more than a year Josh and I have been plotting a collaboration. The combination of Josh's code based generative art and my more analog, textural work was bound to turn out something interesting. We'd been playing with a sea theme, so many moons ago I drew up a bunch of sea life bits and pieces. Josh ended up gravitating to the coral and from those pieces worked his magic to create these sine wave oscillation compostions using his HYPE framework. I couldn't be more tickled to get to make something with Josh and I'm so psyched on the final product. He's probably got the best creative energy of anyone I've ever met.

Below is the final piece, and below that are some process images from Josh as well as the original coral assets by me. Medium: Pecil, digital, and Josh fairy dust.


I'd also gone through about 80 or so individual elements for this project. Below were some of the rejects for Josh and I's collaboration, but I made these tests with my very limited generative skills—which more or less just consists of rotating things at basic angles. Medium: pencil and digital.