This year I feel most supremely thankful to be surrounded by exceptional people. Somehow I lucked out and got two Thanksgivings, one in Albany, one in Brooklyn, both with my tribe of ridiculously awesome friends. It was a really positive way to spend a holiday that usually takes me down to my family in VA. While it was of course bittersweet, it also felt appropriate as this year has been a big year of really learning how to lean on my buds... and slowly relinquish some anti-social tendencies. I'll be 30 in only a few years, and I think it's really taken me until this year to figure out what matters, how I want to treat people, be treated, and live the rest of my life. We are nothing without our health, friends, and family. Oh god, I'm so emo. I'm sorry. But seriously. Tell your peoples you <3 them...


We went a little crazy on the photo documentation. Fortunately for me, it's my stupid blog so I can pollute it with as many non-illustration photos as I gosh darn please! Heh heh. Thank the unicorns for Instagram or I'd never have photos of anything anymore.