Miami Trip + Ford Work

I had an opportunty to take a little weekend trip down to Miami—if Miami was a word, it would be "neon."

The palette is pastel, borrowed from the natural scenery, plants, water, and sunsets. It sneaks it's way into the signage and architecture. I couldn't get over how clean everything was compared to New York.

I felt semi-guilty as I went stand-up boating in the marina in Coconut Grove and went for a run in my sports bra. New York, on the other hand was getting snowed on. Instead I got to lounge on the terrace overlooking the boats and palm treee. Here breakfasts and coffee were enjoyed, drawings where doodled upon.

Below, a collection of various moments from the past month...

I also was allowed to release some drawings I did for the new Ford Focus electric car. I was asked to create a suite of very bright nature inspired assets that the agency could use for use in their various digital work. In the end I created a library for them of about 17 assets (paired down from nearly 80 various assets, washes and assorted doo-dads). Below is a shot of the drawing process and 2 of my favorites, flowers and butterfly. You can check out the rest in the Work section. Huge thank you to Ford, Team Detroit, and Ben.

And finally below I finished my jellyfish. He's been used before for stuff but I never considered him complete. Here he is—he'll be among some pieces added to the shop when it's revamped.