CA 195 Tattoo Fun

Computer Arts Issue 195 asked me to contribute an image of my favorite tattoo for an itty bitty mini feature—a who's who of designers with tattoos—a while back. I thought it was pretty funny and was delighted to participate. I don't have a favorite tattoo so I sent in one that I thought might seem more like a dude tattoo to confuse guessers... I'm number 2. They asked me to comment on the piece: "I'm not sentimental when it comes to tattoos. I usually don't know what I'm getting until I show up at Smith Street Tattoo in New York and my friend and tattooer Steve Boltz draws it on the spot. We've developed a huge amount of trust—I just influence bits and pieces as we go. The only logic behind this one is that Steve and I thought it was cool when he drew it up." In retrospect I think I sort of have the same attitude about most art in my life. Just make it and move on. There's something I really love about the incredibly quick turnaround of tattoo design.

Photo left by Christopher Ewers, Photo right by Steve Prue.