MMXII, The End or the Beginning

If I were a believer in the Mayan long count calendar, I might be a little disheartened about this year. Supposedly we only have 354 more days left before we collide with an asteroid, black hole, or lovely miss Nibiru. However, I am not a believer in the Mayan long count calendar—I'm not really a believer in anything for that matter. Which is also not to say nothing will happen. That's the point. Anything could happen, any day, to any of us. But the fact is this (or maybe just my personal fact), I don't want to believe in the end of the world. I don't even want to believe in the end of my world. So if it starts to feel that way, perhaps even in just a slightly melodramatic sort of way at worst, it's time to create something to exert ownership or acceptance over the state of things, even if only symbolic and ultimately inconsequential. And so the sugar skull series came to be—started on Christmas day and drawn in between long bouts of doing being alone and reflecting as a sort of freestyle doodle. I've always loved day of the dead skulls (or calaveras) and their many many incarnations and adaptations, and I'd been wanting to make some for a while. So without spoiling this with too much more sentimentality, here they are.