Kiwi Land

Well hello my friends! I'm in the airport waiting for my flight to Hong Kong and then beautiful Paris! I've had the most amazing time in Auckland for We Can Create, Semi Permanent's offspring conference. The whole thing was organized by The Church and I cannot reiterate enough times how amazing, warm, professional, accommodating, enthusiastic, kind, focused, passionate, and just all aroung lovely they were. Everyone was a total superstar. It was also quite an honor to meet the other speakers, who all were endlessly inspiring. I'm walking away more motivated than ever. It was pretty clear that I was the youngest and least experienced speaker, so to be welcomed by many of my idols was pretty incredible. Thank you. Following are a few photos from my adventure. I don't have any photos of the conference itself or the mini exhibition because I was too flustered to whip out my camera, but photos to come from the folks at the Church.

↑ Pretty weird to see your name on ads in a city you've never been to.

↑ Creepy Symond's Cemetary, basically the first thing I founds wandering around in Auckland

↑ Around the time I found the creepy rubber gloves and rat without a head deep within the trails of the cemetrary I decided I was sufficiently freaked out, and turned around.

↑ Auckland Harbor

↑ I loved The Williamson, a converted fire house turned coffee shop because it's vibe reminded me a bit of my local spot in Brooklyn called Moto. Parallel universe?

↑ Auckland from the water on the way to Waiheke Island to learn how they make their local wines and olive oils.

↑ Gorgeous Waiheke vineyards

↑ The only shots of the show at Alleluya I got within the first 30 seconds of walking in. Here's Cinzah in front of his awesome work.

Beck Wheeler, another amazing Kiwi artist was kind enough to pick me up in Auckland City and drive me out to Piha where her studio is. It's about an hour out, and I got to see native NZ vegetation. I also learned that mammals are not native to NZ so New Zealanders hate possoms because the ravage the beautiful vegetation, which is all soft wooded plants. I got a bit of a studio tour, which overlooks perfect Piha beaches with black sand. Beck also makes sculputres and she basically has the most fun workshop ever.

↑ Black sand, I'm obsessed.

↑ The amazingly old trees in Western Park

↑ I took photos of the SkyTower from any and all vantage points while I was there. Maybe I felt especially close to it because I jumped off it. Kiwis love adventure sports.

↑ Somone lovely posted this on Twitter, though I can't find it again now. Whoever you are, thank you. Here I am showing some illos on stage.

↑ Above photo courtesy of A. B. Watson (Lovely to meet you!)

↑ And nervous in the bathroom at the Aotea Center. For a bried moment I felt like a broadway performer because the speakers got a special dressing room.

↑ Rangitoto Island. By this point I had developed a nasty cold, and wasn't being as adventurous as usual. Rangitoto is protected by the Nature Conservation there so everything is pristine and natural. Rangito is known for it's volvanic rock.

↑ Auckland from Rangitoto. See the SkyTower peeping up?

↑ Aforementioned volvanic rock.