Off to Kiwi Land

After much preparation (and project juggling) I'm off to kiwi land tomorrow. After somehow getting my flight on my calendar mixed up by a week I inadvertently had my good friend John Christenson in town. He was supposed to be cat sitting while I was in Auckland, but instead we got to hang out a bit. He's a pretty fancy camera wielder, so he snapped a couple shots of me drawing one of the last piece to make it into the show for the mini exhibition that We Can Create is hosting the week before the conference. Also below are severl process shots and various Instagrams I've taken along the way getting everything drawn up. The show will consist of the first installment of girls for a 100 Girls series that I hope to finish over the next several months.See you guys in Auckland!

Show Details:

Tuesday 23 August, 5 -7pm
Alleluya Bar & Cafe, St Kevins Arcade
183 Karangahape Rd, Auckland

Special guest artists to be announced—(when I'm allowed to... I'm so excited to be part of this group show!)

Prints of the new series will be available in the ZSO store after the show opening. Feel free to place any orders in the store, but N.B. that I will be unable to ship any orders until the week of September 12 when I return from extended travels in Paris! (weeeee) Thanks for your patience! Your order will not get lost or forgotten, but there will be a bit of a delay.