WCC Show Preview + JC Visit

Been preparing some new girls for my upcoming mini exhibition with We Can Create. I'll be speaking along side some very great (and intimidating) talents such as Stamen Design and Frank Kozik! Below are some work in progress shots, still just pencil, ink, watercolor, and acrylic. They're going to be extra moody and broody and have fancy outfits.

I also made my way over to Boerum Hill for the first time with my good buddy John Christenson. How the hell have I lived in this city so long and never been there? Perhaps a future studio home? There are so many great knick knack shops over there. It took unfathomable amounts of will power to resist buying a set of antique bowling pins and an apothecary cabinet. I'll be back for you...

Instagram goodness from John C's camera, admiring cupcakes.