Getting Un/Lost

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Been doing a lot of exploring lately, running around the city to areas you won't usually find me in. Going on my eighth year as a New Yorker, I only love it all the more. Spotted Pig burger, Moto in Brooklyn with Guinness-Expressos & Freddie Stevenson serendades, Front Street cobblestone, Chelsea Market, weird dance studio antique stores in the garment district, staring perplexed at tha Palazzo Chupi, and a beautiful architectural book pickup from 1857 for ten bucks, meeting small design shops, art openings for friends, and hearing stories from all the people who march to the beat of their own drum in this crazy city. And as always, going a little crazy working in my studio with the usual flurry of daydreams and real dreams.

Below are some new work in progress pieces which will be used for a new line of ZSO products. You can expect a lot more animals, a lot less people, and a lot more fun things to put around your apartment. Decorative arts, I love you.


Sara Blake [Hello ZSO]
New York, NY

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