Sometimes There's Magic


Photo by Moses

A couple weekend pictures from my stomping ground. Sometimes, some hours, some minutes, on some bridges and in some cafes somewhere on the Lower East Side, everything feels just as it should.


In less fun news, I've had my second case of identity theft on Facebook in six months. It totally sucks and is one of the creepiest, most violating feelings ever. I feel the need to make a small note of it here because I just can't stomach the idea of someone using my voice and identity falsely (and very illegally) without me having any control or say in the matter. I feel so foolish and embarrassed even having to announce something like this—it just feels like an utter waste of time dealing with it when I should be focusing on doing my job. In case any of you have friended a "Sara Blake" on Facebook, please be aware that I do not have a personal profile where I friend people unless we grew up together, know each other on a real-life personal level, you are a classmate, or you are a colleague (DC/KDU/etc.). If you were friends with someone by my name with my images and work, it is/was most likely fake. I am sincerely sorry for any confusion it may have caused. At the moment things are still getting sorted out—not only has the imposter profile been deactivated, but apparently so has mine, so when I get everything sorted out I will repost my Facebook Page link here—my only public presence on Facebook. And a huge thank you to everyone who helped report the issue. Stealing a small company's work and images is a copyright violation and is a serious crime—and while some people may see it as flattery, I guarantee you the artist doesn't see it that way.

UPDATE: Things seem to be resolved after a week. A big thank you to everyone who helped! Here is my official and only page:


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