Sunset Sunrise

↑ It was a perfect sunset in Battery City today. Contrails sliced open the sky and chased the Sunday sun behind the Statue of Liberty to the west. It was the last light of a long week's battle.

↑ Eugene is nonchalant and appears to have confiscated tote bag and iPad.

↑ I finally got enough of a break from work to redo my studio,which now means a proper live space and a proper work space. You need a little separation or you go crazy. I totally felt like a strong independent lady with my drill and hammer hanging 78" wall mount shelves for a day all by myself.

↑ My new African Blesbok skull plate and horns. He'll be getting a whole troupe of skull friends for inspiration once I get more situated.

↑ My course books just in for the fashion illustration course I will be teaching in Mexico this summer. Very excited.

↑ I'm now at the age where all my friends are paired off and getting married. I couldn't feel farther away from that moment myself. Instead I have to suck up bridesmaids-dom and buy red shoes I'll only wear once. Thought I should at least get a picture out of the deal.

ADDENDUM: Two very special friends of mine are leaving the city. Best wishes to my Mike Shane who is moving to Austin where in my opinion he will become a famous writer as fate would have it. Also I got to spend last night seeing off my good buddy John Christenson who I've worked with a number of times over the past few years and has shot most candids that exist of me—he's awesome. It was a boozey-foody-friendy evening of LES goodness. I'll miss you dude. Photos above/below taken by John and Brandon Jernigan with fancy iPhone apps.

↑ John chose a dapper gentlemanly smile to match his smart glasses. I prefered a much more crooked grin to match my beer.


Sara Blake [Hello ZSO]
New York, NY