Phantom November

I can't remember the last time I've gone a month without a post since starting this site. Maybe never. Just when I thought I'd gotten my time figured out to feed my hunger for personal work... y'know life happens. As an obsessive planner, list-writer, goal-maker (to a fault), I find this happens quite a lot. And when it does, it takes a hot minute to recalibrate. 

And so last month hosted a slew a newness—sufficiently boring, but I feel I've slipped into a wormhole, so please bear with me while I try to document:

· I worked on my first letterpress project—a challenge for someone who uses graphite. My mind has a hard time working in one flat color, but hey we figured it out—news to come about that group show in the middle of the month with my family at the KDU (preview rough sketch process shots below). It was a great learning experience but I think I'll take my pencils back please, thank you. I liked it just about as much as I remember liking lithography in college: not at all.

· I got my first samples of the Sakroots bag which I made some birdie art for. Very thankful to be included on that one. Big bear hugs to the team at The Sak, my sister Emily, mister Joshua Davis, and Ben Arditti.

· I unexpectedly got sales representation with an NYC Gallery in Soho called Clic Gallery after walking around one Sunday. Sign up for my (very infrequently spamming, I promise) newsletter to get an update in the next week or so about some limited edition prints going on sale soon. It will be a small closed edition of 25 per design, so if you are interested, don't miss out! 

· Speaking of which, my shop is temporarily getting redone, and will relaunch bigger and better, this time with some fashion-oriented stuff. Unfortunately it won't be up and running in time for Christmas, but I will have a big sale happening elsewhere soon. Details forthcoming.

· My favorite update: I saw my family for Thanksgiving. I got to meet my sister's new pup Jax, a miniature pincher, and it's fair to say I'm head over heels for him. He is full of idiosyncracities and weirdness—I could fill up paragraphs talking about a dog none of you know, so I won't. But he's cute, ok? Really, really cute. Unfortunately, I got briefed 2 days before Thanksgiving and spent most of the holiday working caffeinated in the same tshirt and not brushing my hair. Fortunately, it was for something super cool that I've been having a blast drawing so far. Cannot wait.

· I completely redid my workstation. That was a big one. Yea baby. I've had the same workstation since college so was time. I've been out of school a while... It required many trips to the Apple store, and very teary eyed walk of pain lugging a giant monitor a mile and then up 5 floors—word to the wise: don't buy a desktop computer when cabs are changing over. Now that it's set up though, I couldn't be happier. 27" Thunderbolt display & 27" iMac. I sort of have no idea what is going on. I was 2 operating systems behind too plus I've never used a mighty mouse. I look like I've never used a computer before. Everything is flying around and I never know what the hell I just pushed.

· And lastly, I spent a lot of time running. It's my version of self medicating for stress. I love you, runs. 

I'm sure December will fly by just as quickly. I hope 2012 will see the creation of many more project and collaborations. Ok, shut up Sara, picture time.

Elsewhere online evidence of life and activity persists. I think my addiction to instagram has saved me in terms of being able to document at least a few feeble mirages of this month.