NY Writes Itself Recap + Philly Trip

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to attend the New York Writes Itself opening put on by Leo Burnett. I was invited to participate with friends from the KDU in the group letterpress show. The artwork brought to life quotes from New Yorkers from every corner of the city, and the range of styles and artists was incredibly exciting and eye-opening in terms of the letterpress process. Some participating KDU artists included Josh Vanover (I have to admit, I think Josh's was my favroite—so twisted!), PJ Richardson, Magomed Dovjenko, Daren Newman, among others. I also got to meet Peter Kruty an awesome Brooklyn based letterpress studio and expert craftsman. A big thanks to David Gensler and Jared Liner of the KDU for putting everything together. Pictures below are courtesy of JM. My piece was based on the quote "The first 100 years are the hardest." It was a clever, dark, and cynical quote that sort of spoke to me at the time of selection. (Read: "Every year in New York is the hardest because you aren't going to out-live the first 100 anyway. It's a hard goddamn city.")

* Above photo by New York Writes Itself—the scribes who contributed the quotes


In other news, I got to skip town to Philly this weekend for the first time since I was a kid. It was my first weekend off in months and can't tell you how happy I was to play. It was an early Christmas present with my best friend, filled with food, exploring, and a healthy amount of lounging around doing quite a lot of nothing. My highlights including visiting the Mütter Museum and meeting Jonathan and Leigh Slingluff of Slingluff Gallery, and met miss Olivia, the gallery guard-cat. We stayed in the carriage house of the unbelievably beautiful Morris House which was built in 1787. It had the original plank floors and everything. Very beautiful. 

I think the most interesting piece of Philadelphia trivia that I learned was that their fire hydrants are abnormally huge! While packing in the wee hours of the morning while still generally sleep deprived, I managed to forget my camera (and my toothbrush. and pajamas.)—this was particularly heartbreaking because Philly has some fucking incredible textures I would have loved to collect. There are stretches upon stretches of industrial warehouses with the most incredible colors and cracks.

And lastly miss Ashley Cressy, a design student included me in her final design project. She created a bound magazine with artists across many creative disciplines. I was so honored and impressed by her layout that I wanted to give her a little shoutout here. Thank you so much Ashley!