Back to the Swing...

...of things. Or at least trying to.

Been jamming on lots of personal work lately. Refocusing, getting re-inspired (hopefully). Between being back at a full time freelance job, my apartment ceiling deciding to fall in an make my drawing work area less pleasant, and also resolving to focus more energy on just relaxing and actually finding peace and happiness in life outside work, I feel another shift coming. I'm not sure how it will manifest, but I'm feeling good about it. I feel like I know myself better than I ever have in my life—I suppose that's just a sympton of ticking off one more year closer to thirty. I turned 27 yesterday, and while I can't say I know where I'll be in a year, I do finally feel in control of my life (occassional but essential meltdowns forgiven of course). Anyway, I guess I was feeling a little reminiscence was due for the start of a new zso-year, a new winter, and the anniversary of my being a freelance spirit.

Below I got to work on a piece for The Sydney Bicycle Film Festival in collaboration with Somedays Gallery. The idea is to draw a piece inspired by an old art deco bicycle poster (which are all absolutely exquisite by the way). More to come later about this after the opening, but I ended up taking a more whimisical approach and being mainly inspired by overarching shape and subject matter and color. As always, the original drawing and the colored print below.

Instagram memories below, because we're all obsessed with Instagram now...

Below, my AMAZING birthday present from JM. I've been coveting this book ever since he turned me onto it several months ago. 

Recently art blog T-Squat did very nice interview with me here. I was really blown away by the depth of their questions and the time they put into the piece. They rock.

Advanced Creation also did a piece on my work in the latest issue. I haven't actually seen it yet but they sent me this image and I'm so excited to touch, feel, smell, see in person.

All for now.