Hello Winter

Trying to treat the next few months as if I were in school again—meaning more experimenting and more time in general at the drafting table. Been trying things I don't usually do due to the mess factor and my limited workspace—more paint, marker, pastels, etc. 

Above, various process images from glorious Instagram. 

Thank you to CarneMag for inviting me to be part of Issue 13. Lucky 13 indeed. 

Also, the Sakroots just launched a bag pattern I made over a year ago. The idea was to design a pattern co-inspired by a piece of music—that music happened to be by my lovely little sister Emily. She's been writing and recordng music on her laptop for the past several years. No one in my family even knew she could sing until she randomly sent me an MP3 about 2 years ago. I was floored. I had no idea—especially since my musical skills and those of the rest of my family sit squarely on "non-existent." (Emily got all my old Fenders in junior high when I realized my time was better spent... well, on anything else, quite frankly.) Anyway, long story short, when I got the job and was asked to suggest some lesser known musicians to collaborate with for the project, Emily was at the top of my list. The Sak was into the idea and the result was a song and print called Treehouse. It's all about finding your own little creative sanctuary in nature.

Check out the video we filmed back in January. Directed by Lamp and Boat Productions.

Design (below) by me, final bag color and bag design by Sakroots. Special thanks to Jill Snowden, Victoria Masters, Lorae Russo, Ben Arditti, and Joshua Davis.