Been stupid busy the past few weeks. I'm now 3 months in to illustrating full time after leaving the agency world, and I have to say it's th best thing ever. I've never been happier in my life, but it's certainly a challenge adjusting your passion to a full time means of livelihood. I've been really wrapped up in some projects that I want so much to be killer. With a special thanks to Joshua Davis, I've had the very tough job of being the following act for his Sakroots bag pattern. Mine will be coming around the end of summer this year. It was a special musical collaboration with my sister, the details of which I'll be able to give in the coming months, but we shot a a video for it last week, and here are some teaser shots. Photos by Joel W Henderson for ©2011. Video directed and shot by Casey Anderson (the dude lying on the ground below).

Also, my family over at Depthcore launched a new chapter called MIRROR. I've got 3 pieces over there. Below is one of the series. Check-a-checka-checkit:

Various other updates in the work section. Back to work.


Sara Blake [Hello ZSO]
New York, NY