Vademékum // Design Taxi

I was really honored to be part of a small student magazine project in Colombia called Vademékum Magazine. You can view the online version here. [Photos courtesy of Vademékum creator Diego Ante.]

Here are a few excerpts from the translated article, published in Spanish:

Sara Blake is an American artist, who has been able to merge the best of both [worlds] to achieve aesthetically incomparable results, in her own words: “I love that tactile nature of drawing something by hand first, but I love the freedom and playfulness of digital. For me it was the most natural marriage.”

Art for Sara is more emotional than reasonable, she is able to convey sensations through her own thought and her own mood, that’s why her pieces can have very varied personalities, and communicate in very distinct ways. “I love my own style not because of how it looks, but because I love how it feels. It's a passion. It's like cooking or sports for some people. It's all me, and really it's the only way I know how to do things.”

Sara is not only an illustrator, but also an art director, designer and writer, what gives her even more tools when she has to communicate. All of this knowledge is reflected in her workflow, "I write more often than I sketch. I try to capture how I feel, who I think I am, and how I relate to the world. I find that articulating that first helps me figure out what my next piece will be."

Also exciting news: Hello ZSO was Website of the Day over at Design Taxi yesterday!

And below, another work in progress shot:


Sara Blake [Hello ZSO]
New York, NY