I've been working through this gallery show business lately with my little (non)helper above. I've been working hard to really loosen up and do what's natural for me. I think sometimes with new pressure, it's easy to get lost and forget who you are when it's just you alone in a room drawing for nothing other than the love of dragging your pencil across clean white, and watching something new unfurl.

So in the wake of that, a few things have changed. The show title mutated from White Lies into Constellations, and the direction overall became much more positive in nature. It's a show about New York—a city where you can't see the stars, so instead we make our own constellations out of our twinkling city lights. It's about making new pictures out of disparate pieces. It's the patchwork reverie of the girl, the bridges, the neon fireflies, the graffiti jungle, a scaffold castle, and all the princes in their SBs and Oxfords. It's certainly not the story you'll tell your little girls, but it's my fairytale, and I'll connect the dots the way I want.


Sara Blake [Hello ZSO]
New York, NY