RVA Thanksgiving 2010

It's already been the second Thanksgiving since HelloZSO has been bloggin' strong. Hard to believe. Things have been great and weird and awful all at the same time, and when that happens, it's good to get out of town for a hot minute. I grew up in Richmond, VA and to the best of my memory, I think I've spent almost all of my Thanksgivings there.

Here are some things that happened and I saw.

↑ My mother when she was in high school. I think we look alike, moreso now that I'm older.

↑ What happens the first few weeks of ultramarathon training. Transformed into hob(ble)goblin. Entering the world where marathons are just practice for the real race. Oh man.

↑ Continued: Minus a few toenails

↑ Me and sister as strange little children. I would be the weirder looking one with the bottle cap glasses.

↑ Homemade pumkin pie, thanks mom.

↑ Drawing on the kitchen counter while mom cooks dinner

↑ Diva dog, Bella. Incredibly annoying. I hate that I love her.

↑ Litte bug, one of my best friend's sister's kid. Check out them there peepers.

↑ They look confused and I like it. My oldest friend from high school's engagement party. Mary and Mark, bride to be and close friend.

↑ The original Maxwell crew (minus Wilbo)

↑ The strangest plant I have ever seen—my friend's night blooming cereus, whose incredibly fragrant blossom blooms only at night over several hours and has wilted and died by the morning. This particular plant only blooms for special life events. We took it as a good omen on the night of our friend's engagement party.


Sara Blake [Hello ZSO]
New York, NY