Good Things

Some recent drawings for some work for Syrup NYC.

Above, my friend Dave Raphael's Leica

Trust the KDU. Been spending a lot of my time there with my new found time during the day. I've set up a small studio space there at their gorgeous headquarters in Brooklyn.

And above, my note and copy of "No Sin / No Future" from Ryan McGinness. Check that handwriting.  I'm one happy girl.


It's been a pretty wild month. After returning from my Australia trip, I finally made the decision that I've been weighing for quite a while now. I left my life as a full time art director two weeks ago, and will now be able to shift my focus to full time illustration. I am currently freelancing on a number of new top-secret projects, finally undertaking a few special artist collaborations that have gotten left by the wayside amidst what has seemed like a year of 100 hour weeks, taking better care of my health, and just generally feeling really positive about the future. If you have a project you'd like to talk about, don't hesitate to get in touch:


Sara Blake [Hello ZSO]
New York, NY