Tiger Scarf at Adaptations NY

If you're in BK, swing by the Adaptations NY showroom. They have a beautifully curated selection of vintage decor, apparel, and homewares.  You can also pick up the Tiger Scarf there. Limited quantities. Also available for purchase in the online shop.

  Adaptations NY, 67 West Street, Studio 415 (4th Floor), Brooklyn NY, 11222


Adaptations NY, 67 West Street, Studio 415 (4th Floor), Brooklyn NY, 11222

Girl 21

More experimenting and sketching for 100 Girls Project. I'm spending no more than a few hours on these latest ones as I really just want to get a bunch of ideas out quickly. Girl 21, mixed media and digital. Had some leftover neon yellow acrylic paint from another project I decided to try and get rid of, but in the end I decided to mute it. 'twas a bit too intense for a Wednesday afternoon.

Seeing Red

Been a while since I had time to just play around. For today's experiment I cranked out this fun odd little piece which I'm calling "Seeing Red." Seems fitting for an article about being pissed off, eh? Your vision goes wonky and you are clouded by evil red dagger eyes!

Mixed media and digital.

Conch Experiments

A summer full of design work and an early fall with travel, I'm more than excited for a few months back at the drawing table, experimenting and fleshing out some personal projects that have been nudging me restlessly from the sidelines for the better part of the year. Starting out with some quick pattern tests. 

Camp Festival Calgary 2014

After about a week over the pond in London and Brighton I touched base in New York for a day only to head right back out for Camp Festival in Calgary by friends from FITC and Bram Timmer. When we landed Sunday it was a comfortable 70 degrees but by Monday it had dropped to 30, and what we thought would be a docile flurry turned out to be a full-on snow storm. "Snow in September!" was the incantation. But snow aside, it was a total blast—the weather only enriched the experience, perhaps only making it more "Canadian?" I really can't say enough good things about this event. Thanks for having us, Calgary.

Jaume Plensa's sculpture outside the Bow and the beginnings of the September snow.

Jaume Plensa's sculpture outside the Bow and the beginnings of the September snow.

Reasons to be Creative 2014

A very big warm hug to John Davey and family, Dot Lung, and everyone else who made Reasons to be Creative possible again this year. And most of all thank you to everyone who generously gave me an hour of their attention, you rock.

This was my second year at Reasons and I really love the family vibe it has tucked away in Brighton. Pals From Form did an incredible job on the titles this year—everyone needs to pay attention to these guys. They add the most charming handmade quality and care to everything they do ... Not to mention they are just delightful humans. 

I really slacked on taking pictures on this trip, but here's my lone snap of the pebble beach where I spent many an hour taking calm walks. Brighton, you're ok. 


New piece, graphite & digital. Prints coming soon for new project.

Design Exchange Boston

See you guys in Boston this September 27 - 28 for Design Exchange Boston's radical event hosted by AIGA! Come hang. I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's thought's around this year's theme of experimentation. Super stoked on my panel with some crazy awesome dudes and dudettes. Details to come!